Saturday, May 5, 2012

sister reservations

They can drive you crazy sometimes, I guess, but it's cool having a sister, and I'm lucky enough to have three of them and to be able to spend them with them and enjoy each other's company.

My sister Nancy lives in North Carolina, near Charlotte, and I just made plane reservations to go see her in a couple weeks.  I haven't been to her place in a while, so I'm looking forward to that, and Nancy is always good for a few laughs.  She has a nice house in the woods -- very dark at night, very quiet -- so it will be a short reprieve from inner-city life.

Then there is my sister Mary, who lives in New Jersey, and she let me know that she will be visiting us for about three weeks this summer, and she made her reservations this past week.  Last summer we had a blast when she came to visit, and I know it will be fun again.  I always hate to see Mary leave.  I wish she would just move here.

Then, closer to home, there is my sister Joan, the theater person in the family, and she and I have reservations (free blogger tickets again) for the Guthrie Theater tonight to see their new production, Are You or Have You Ever Been?, and we're having dinner beforehand.  Which reminds me, I need to get ready!...

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