Wednesday, May 2, 2012

breaking in the new guy

You know how I hate going to the dentist under the best of circumstances, but today's six-month cleaning appointment was a little more stressful than usual because my long-time dentist had retired in December, and this was my first time meeting the guy who bought his practice.  I had to set him straight on a couple of things:  1)  I am a total wimp in the dentist chair; and 2)  I don't have anything done to my teeth that doesn't absolutely have to have done.  My old dentist, as much as I loved him, always had a "wish list" of stuff he wanted to do to me and I always had to turn him down.

The new dentist heard what I said and totally erased the old "wish list" from his computer, and he seems okay.  I liked him.

To add to my stress, my hygenist Jenny was on vacation in Mexico and I had a stand-in hygenist, but she turned out to be even better than Jenny is.  Maybe I'm overly cautious about who pokes dental instruments in my mouth, but, let's face it, it is kind of a personal thing!

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