Sunday, May 20, 2012

what to think about north carolina

It's a big state, there are plenty of people and diversity exists, so there is no way to generalize...  It's a state that went for Obama in 2008 but probably won't this year.  It's a state that overwhelmingly voted last week to put prejudice against same-sex and unmarried couples into the state constitution (I have a lot more to say about that topic, but it will be in a future post since I am still formulating in my mind how to say it).  What I'm saying is that this is a state that has moments of being more enlightened than it was in its racist, right-wing past but is cautious about getting too enlightened.

I lived in North Carolina for two months in 1968, not voluntarily:  I had Army basic training at Fort Bragg.  I didn't see much of the state then, but I can tell you that I like it way more now than I did then.

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