Saturday, May 12, 2012

thoughts going through my head at a baseball game, episode 2

Last night.  The Minnesota Twins hosting the Toronto Blue Jays.  I'm with my son Jon, who was given the tickets even though he hates baseball but felt obligated to go.  It was his first time at the new Twins stadium, Target Field.  There unfortunately was a rain delay, announced right after "O Canada!" and "The Star-Spangled Banner."  The delay lasted two hours.  The Twins started the game with a record of seven wins and twenty losses.

--  "There sure are a lot of (very vocal) Blue Jays fans here.  Did they drive down all the way from Ontario or are they local?"
--  "Why can't we have a cool national anthem like 'O Canada!' instead of that bombs-bursting-in-air thing?"
--  "I wonder which Jon will find more interesting:  watching rain falling or watching the game itself?"
--  "How is it that I have people in my life who will vote for Mitt Romney?  Do I need to do a purge?"
--  "It's so chilly that I would love to get a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, but the line at the coffee cart in a mile long, and I don't do lines."
--  "Wow, I haven't had an ice-cream soda in years.  This tastes good, but the soft-serve ice cream is pretty awful.  I'd love to be at the Custard Corral."
--  "These fans standing around waiting for the rain to stop are so calm, acting like they do this all the time.  I wonder if Phillies fans are like this during a rain delay."
--  "Our seats here on the 2nd level are great, but let's go up there on the 3rd level where there's a roof above."
--  "If this game actually starts, I wonder how long Jon can last."
--  "Okay, we made it through one inning.  That enough?"
--  "Let's go home, man."
I'm adding this photo because it is probably the only time you'll ever see Jon in a Twins cap.
The Twins ended up winning the game, 7-6.

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