Tuesday, January 14, 2014

a week ago, i was seasick

Seasickness surprised me.  I'm not a person who ever had a problem with motion sickness or anything like that and it was a large ship and I wasn't expecting to even feel the ocean below us.

The first night, Saturday, was fine, but the next morning was not.  At first I thought that maybe I just had too much Scotch the night before (Drowning my sorrows watching the Eagles lose to the Saints)... But the first two days on the Atlantic were rough and windy and I found myself weaving and a little queasy whether standing, sitting or lying down, and by Monday I still wasn't feeling right.  As it turns out, there were a lot of seasick people on the cruise -- the people who hadn't thought to bring pills or a seasick patch -- and were happy to reach our first port -- San Juan, Puerto Rico -- where I was tempted to kiss the ground when disembarking.

But after that, all was well, and now it's dry land that feels weird.

Old San Juan, 1/6/14

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