Monday, January 13, 2014

having a jacqueline bisset moment

Once again, I'm admitting to a mid-winter guilty pleasure:  watching the January and February movie award shows, culminating with the Oscars in late February, and seeing all or most of the nominated films before then.  In anticipation of the probable Oscar nominees, I've already seen Gravity, American Hustle, Inside Llewyn Davis and Blue Jasmine and will see quite a few more in the next several weeks.  The rest of the year, I hardly ever go to the movies.

Last night was the first of the award shows:  the Golden Globes, which used to be kind of a joke but in recent years has attracted attention and some perceived credibility or maybe just has been another excuse to lay down the red carpet for the eager-to-be-seen celebrities -- some major, some minor and temporary.  The program in some ways was back to being a joke -- long delays as winners took forever to get to the stage and then didn't know what to say when they got there.  A memorable moment:  Jacqueline Bisset's sort-of acceptance speech, in which she mostly stood there silently dumbfounded.  Jacqueline Bisset was a star back in the '60s and '70s and hasn't been heard from in a long while, which, when we heard her name as a nominee, made us say, "Jacqueline Bisset is still alive?"  As she stood there struggling for words and we are yelling out "Say something!", I could sort of sense the emotions she must have been feeling -- success and recognition long after her prime.... or did she just have to much to drink?

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