Sunday, January 26, 2014

creature choices in the basement

As we are cleaning the basement --

Him:  There's a dead mouse.
Me:  Then we're moving!
Him:  No, we're not moving.  We haven't even moved in yet!
Me:  I'm not living in a house that has mice!
Him:  Every house in the world has a mouse at some time or other.
Me:  Then we'll get a cat.
Him:  No, we're not getting a cat.
Me:  Which would you rather have, a cat or a mouse?
Him:  A mouse!  You won't let me have a dog, so I'm not going to let you have a cat.
Me:  I don't want a cat!  I just don't want mice!  There's no comparison.  With a dog, it's always, "Hey, can you run home and let the dog out?" or "We can't go away for the weekend -- Who would watch the dog?"   Cats are way more self-sufficient.
Him:  So are mice!

The debate continues.

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