Monday, January 20, 2014

'hi, dennis!'

In a way, I sort of regret not being an alcoholic or drug addict, because, to tell the truth, I'm thinking that a stint in rehab might feel kind of good.  I mean, you sit there for four weeks, six weeks, whatever, getting plenty of sleep, talking about yourself with counselors or in group sessions and drinking decaffeinated coffee and wearing comfortable clothes.  What's not to like?

But -- on the other hand, what if you happened to get the roommate from hell or group-dominator that doesn't even know he is part of a group?  For instance, I was just reading that Dennis Rodman has checked himself into treatment for his drinking problems.  You know Dennis Rodman? --  former flamboyant and  attention-grabbing NBA player with the Chicago Bulls, currently in love with North Korea and best friends with Kim Jung-un, an overall publicity hound?  Got the mental visual of an immediate group relapse?

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