Thursday, January 23, 2014

radical, indeed!

Apparently it's for real.

It was a painful process -- dealing for two months with realtors, mortgage brokers, bankers, appraisers, surveyors, and even FEMA -- but we closed on that house today, so I guess it's official that we're gonna move, all of which involves renovations of the new place followed by the sale of our condo.  The next round of frustrations will come from contractors -- the wallpaper-removers, the painters, the chimney sweeps, the carpet-people, the hardwood-floor guys -- who always promise promptness and end up producing delays and complications.  Maybe you can relate.

The most radical part of the whole deal is that we are moving, ever-so-slightly, out of the urban core.  I always have said that I could never live in a suburb, even an acceptably inner-ring 'burb, but, ya know, never is a long time....

... and wait til you see what we do to that place.  Then you'll understand.

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