Monday, January 27, 2014

steam room conversationalists

Guy #1:  I've looked forward to this all day.
Guy #2:  These are the times when our dues are worth paying.
Guy #1:  How high did the temperatures get today?  The highest I saw was minus 8.
Guy #2:  I saw minus 6, but it was on a bank clock and those are always undependable.
Guy #1:  Tonight it's supposed to get down to minus 22, with windchills of almost minus 50 degrees!  They've already called off school for tomorrow.
Guy #2:  Really?  What is that, the 5th time this month?
Guy #1:  Something like that.  Today they even cancelled classes at the U [of Minnesota], and that never happens.
Guy #2:  It didn't used to be like that.  Times have certainly changed from when we were kids.
Guy #3 (to himself):  Oh dear god, shoot me now, please don't let me blog about the weather again tonight!

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