Friday, January 7, 2011

he ain't heavy...

It's been a long, long road for my brother Ronnie the past month, spending most of that time in a hospital in Philadelphia in pretty bad shape. The hospital sent him home on Monday, even though he was still extremely weak from those hellish and scary weeks (there is some question whether it might have been an insurance-company-driven decision to discharge him), but he was thrilled to get home even though he is still very confined and limited. I talked to him on the phone the other night -- he sounded pretty good, although he says he doesn't recognize himself in the mirror anymore.

So, with the intention of trying to help him get through the boredom and tedium of recovery (and not making it worse, I hope!), I'm going to go visit and spend some time with him this weekend. Flying to Philly tomorrow (Saturday) morning, back Tuesday evening. It will be good to see him and my other family members there in South Jersey.

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