Wednesday, January 26, 2011

you say you want a resolution

I got home from work last night as the State of the Union address was wrapping up and couldn't handle the idea of listening to the talking-head analysis or the other-party responses (If I were a Tea Partier -- which is hard to even imagine -- I would be very upset that a dumbass like Michele Bachmann has become the spokesperson for the movement), so we flipped over to Pay-Per-View and watched, Winter's Bone, a film that I hadn't even heard of til yesterday when it was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. It's an intense movie -- meth use in the Ozarks kind of stuff. Very low budget but pretty good.

So I got to bed kind of late but still woke up at 6:15 this morning and thought, what the heck?, and headed to the gym again (But am I becoming sleep-deprived?). And I must say, it surprises me how many people are at the gym that time of day, a workout before work. It's been busy after work too, which is when I usually go, and I think that's because New Year's resolutions haven't been totally blown off yet. January is always a busy month every year at every gym, and it's amusing to watch the crowds begin to gradually dwindle as the new year moves along and good intentions fizzle out. Sort of like a new Congress.

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