Friday, January 21, 2011

a higher percentage of good-looking people

My niece Becky, who lives in the Philadelphia area, visited us here in Minneapolis last summer and liked it here, noting how many fun places there are, how clean it is, how there seems to be a higher percentage of good-looking people here...

... so, a couple months ago, she made reservations to come here for a January weekend. She arrived last night, just in time for what they are calling the "coldest 48 hours of this winter." There were predictions of temperatures last night as low as minus 22 for the Twin Cities. I'm not sure if it got quite that cold here in the urban core, but it's cold enough for Becky's first below-zero experience....

... and the good-looking people don't have tans and are wearing unflattering parkas and stocking caps... Wonder if that will make a difference in Becky's judgment!

... but she's doing fine and seems to be making the most of her mid-winter visit. As I write this, she and Jerry and Joan are at the Mall of America shopping. That should keep her nice and warm.

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