Saturday, January 29, 2011

toy stories

One of my weird little quirks is that I like seeing the all of the Best Picture Oscar nominees every year (Which isn't easy anymore now that there are ten nominees instead of five). The Oscars will be held in late February, and I've seen six of the ten.

The sixth one was last night, and I'll tell you about that. I was dreading it. Toy Story 3. Not only did we not want to see it, but we were thinking, can we see Toy Story 3 without seeing 1 and 2? But all three were on Pay-Per-View, so over the last couple days, we bit the bullet and watched all three movies. And this is why it's good to have low expectations: We loved all three. A cute story, unbelievable animation, appealing Disney-type characters. I think maybe we liked 2 the best of the three. 3 shouldn't be the Best Picture of the year, but it sure deserves to be in the Top Ten.

So four films yet to see and only one to actually dread seeing: that one where James Franco cuts his arm off. Yuck! We're going to wish we were back hanging out with the toys.

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