Sunday, January 16, 2011

what hibernation looks like

Hey, it's cold out there, and it's warm in here, so it's a bit of a couch-potato weekend. We had tickets to the Wolves game last night, but it's a cold 8-block walk over to Target Center, so Jerry, Tom and I opted for staying home and curling up under throws and afghans and dozing in front of the TV. Jerry made dinner, and we channel-flipped back and forth between the Wolves game, the Packers-Falcons playoff game (happy to see the Falcons lose), and the Miss America Pageant, which is, surprisingly, back on network TV. Today hasn't been any better. Jerry made us an enormous breakfast, and we've been sipping coffee and eating Entenmanns donut-holes and watching football off and on, with no worthwhile agenda. Hibernating on frigid January weekends is what Floridians miss out on.

... and did you even know that the Miss America Pageant even still existed? It's been all downhill for that organization ever seen it left Atlantic City, and it's only a shell of its former self, but we still found ourselves rooting for Miss Hawaii, who deserved to win, and being outraged that Miss Nebraska won instead. The judges, obviously, were airheads and they picked one of their own.

... and maybe we'll be watching the Golden Globe Awards tonight, if we aren't on couch-potato overload, and finding plenty to complain about... But life is good.

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