Sunday, January 30, 2011

suite smell of success

Oh wow. I'm so tired and was headed up to bed when I realized that, Damn! I hadn't blogged yet today! and I have a streak going! so here it is, faithful readers...

Tonight, Jerry and his business partner Clark had a Client Appreciation Party upstairs in the condo's party room (22nd floor) and needed my niece Ruthie to help out, which left me to be the babysitter for Ruthie's kids, Corey (2 years old) and Kylie (1). They are sweet kids and we had fun watching Toy Story movies together, at least until it became bedtime when they quickly became tired of Uncle Howard and suddenly nothing could please them. You know how that goes. And Uncle Howard got tired of changing their diapers, so I guess we're even, and Ruthie came back and saved the day.
Last night! Our office, maybe 16 of us, had a, what?, Team Appreciation Party? at the Timberwolves game. We had a suite for the evening, which would have been cool no matter how the Wolves did, but the Wolves actually broke their losing streak and hammered the Toronto Raptors, who apparently are even worse than the Timberwolves are. So it was a rewarding evening. And the reason I picked the Toronto game for our suite night? --- So that I could hear "O, Canada!", which I love. Those Canadians are lucky to have a cool national anthem!
Well hey, I need to push the "publish" button before midnight strikes. Gotta keep the streak alive.


ruthie said...

LOL I checked at 11 and nothing. I told Ryan there is no way you would break the streak and sure enough here it is.

D. A. Dixon said...

You missed it by EST. But, luckily, you aren't in EST. :)

Anonymous said...

I looked at it at 11:38PM my time. I was going to call you but decided to see if you could do it by midnight. Goood job. I enjoy reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

And see what happens? You get a load of comments. Just don't make late blogging a routine.

Howard said...

wow! pressure! :-)