Tuesday, January 18, 2011

while under the clippers

As I was walking in the door of the salon, a pile of snow fell off the roof of the building and hit me in the head... so my hair was already wet when I sat in the chair.

Brian, the guy who cuts my hair, didn't seem to notice, and now I am freshly shorn. I've been kind of in a wearing-my-hair-longer frame of mind and Brian seems to love to chop it all off, but he restrained himself mostly.

Things we talked about as he clipped, which also indicates the shallowness of my cerebral functions these days --

-- The football playoffs -- the way the games turned out this past weekend (Mostly great, except for Chicago winning).... (Jerry and I are rooting for the New York Jets to make it to the Superbowl, by the way).
-- How were your holidays?
-- The weather (Of course. This is Minnesota).
-- The Golden Globes. And since you're dying to know, I thought Ricky Gervais was great as host. Not sure if any of the stars are really offended by his jokes. They shouldn't be. But it sounds like Ricky Gervais will never be invited back.
-- Any travel plans coming up? No. None.

Really now, wouldn't making small talk be the worst part of being a barber/hair stylist?

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Anonymous said...

I attended a memorial service last September. There were 3 eulogies. The deceased's son, a workplace colleague, and his barber. The barber started by saying "I've been John's barber for 35 years, and there's almost nothing that I don't know about John." And what a eulogy it was! I made me think "the bigger the secret, the bigger the tip."