Wednesday, March 16, 2011

et tu, dudes?

wow!  How desperate for a post was I yesterday to resort to talking about my calculator blowing up?  (Not that I'm going to guarantee that this one will be any more worthwhile!)

... and that Ides of March thing!  Last night, we sat around at the office drinking wine and eating pizza, sort of celebrating that we had made it through the corporate tax deadline, and I mentioned something about it also being an Ides of March celebration.  My comment brought mostly blank reactions, like, Hey, what's an Ides of March?

"Didn't you people have to read Julius Caesar or any other Shakespeare plays in high school?" I ask, and the answers were mostly No.

"So what did you read in English class?"

Watership Down, one person answers. (!)  Another person says, "We didn't read Romeo and Juliet in English class, but we watched the movie."  --  the Leonardo deCaprio version!

oh help!


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! How old were these people? Or, maybe I should ask where did they go to school?


Howard said...

They obviously didn't go to Millville High School in the '60s and '70s did they? :-)

ruthie said...

Funny I didn't read this until just now, but I realized today that my husband had never even heard of Ides of March and my father and mother knew it had to do with Shakespeare and that's it. I guess it's been just me who waits for the worst to happen every March 15.