Sunday, March 6, 2011

reality is overrated

Too many people that I know and care about are sick. Where did all this cancer come from? Was it always like this? Is it the environment, the food we eat? Are people just living longer, and the chances of cancer increase with age? Are certain cancers just detected earlier and treated earlier? -- and we know that sometimes the treatments can be worse than the disease...

Where are the cures? Is there a certain dollar amount -- a trillion dollars, maybe? -- that would ensure or speed up the necessary research? Or would the medical establishment collapse if there were no more cancers? (I guess that was a brutal thing to say, but wow, but they sure make a lot of money on this disease)

My thoughts are with my brother today as he continues to struggle in that Philadelphia hospital. He just wants to feel normal again.

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D. A. Dixon said...

Early detection has led to more cancers being known about.

As far as research and funding, the government traditionally funds more conservative options. They aren't as likely to fund something "out there" so to say. There are a few non profits that raise money for researchers to work together...Stand Up 2 Cancer is the one I feel has the right idea.

As far as a collapse...the medical field is built much like a mechanics shop. If that makes sense.

My thoughts are with Ron as well.