Saturday, March 12, 2011

springing forward

Tomorrow is one of the two days in the year when you realize how many clocks you have in your life -- unless all of your clocks are satellite-driven, of course. Otherwise you need to go from room to room and change each clock by one hour -- the bedroom clocks, the microwave, the oven, your computers, and then your car. It's not so bad when you get to move them back (in the fall) and gain an hour (that's kind of a good feeling), but this losing an hour stuff is kind of a downer. And it's too bad that it always has to come on a weekend.

But at least we, theoretically, gain an hour of daylight, and that might give some people hope of another summer somewhere out there in the future. A few minutes ago, I met my sister Joan for coffee, and she was feeling down, lamenting this "longest winter ever." She said that talking with me actually cheered her up. We wondered if that was a first! :-)

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