Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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"March Madness" (college basketball championships) has been going on, and I'm mostly oblivious to it because I never have time for it in March and because there are just too many teams... Starts with 64 of the best teams -- who can keep them straight? -- and gradually pares down to what is now "the Final Four", the champions to be decided next weekend.  I was just reading that this is the "most unlikely Final Four ever".  Why that is, I don't know.  Here are the 2011 Final Four teams:  University of Kentucky, University of Connecticut, Butler University, and Virginia Commonwealth University.  Enjoy it if you're into this.

what else..?

Well, Obama gave his "why we are in Libya" speech last night, and, although I mostly am a pro-Obama guy (primarily because who the potential alternatives might be), he has lost me on this particular issue.  Our answers always seem to be in our bombs.  He can maybe get away with this because Qaddafi is such a distasteful character, but what will he do when the Saudis start attacking their own protestors? Will we still have the same standards?

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Anonymous said...

I pick the bracket every year. I still have UConn in the finals. I actually picked them to go all the way. This has been my best year for bracket picking. I'm usually out by now.