Saturday, March 19, 2011

evil and ugly too

Libya's Colonel Qaddafi, who until recently we hadn't heard much about since the Reagan days, now gets the prize for the World's Least Attractive Dictator (definitely not aging well!) in addition to apparently being Pure Evil (We always need Pure Evil enemies, you know, and Saddam Hussein is dead and Obama bin Laden is hiding in an unreachable cave).

After all his dictatorial years, Qaddafi has lately been facing massive protests and uprisings from his people, as are other dictators in the Middle East and in North Africa, and he is in the process of squashing that resistance.  The world's leaders, led verbally by the U.S. and militarily by (so far) France and other countries and ostensibly fearing the coming bloodbath, are demanding that Qaddafi give up power to the rebels.

Without question, Qaddafi is a creep and deserves to lose power.  But I'm also thinking, if the United States or France were facing a major rebellion demanding that their governments step down, do you think they wouldn't be bombing the heck out of their own insurrections?

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