Friday, March 25, 2011

oogling google in real time

Google is so impressive!  But I suppose you already know that.

Blogger (, the site I use to create this blog, is connected with Google (I'm not sure how this all works), and I'm impressed first of all by how the Google people recognize when I have posted one of these daily space-fillers.  I mean, if you were go to a few minutes after I publish this and type in "oogling google in real time", I bet that a link to this post will pop up.  So who did it?  Does somebody check to see if I've posted more words of wisdoms, or does it somehow automatically just know?

And you know that I like it when people post a "comment" about whatever I've droned on about.  But there are "spam comments" out there too that you never see but which come through to my email.  They sometimes are in Russian or have links to porn or some marketing link, and the reason you never see them is because Google somehow intercepts them before they actually get posted to my site.  It's all very cool, except for maybe that slight eeriness of "big brother" watching.
It's automatic, not a person checking.  As soon as I published this, I went to Google right away and there it was already.  Powerful!

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