Thursday, May 19, 2011

and suddenly that name will never be the same

Well, I personally always thought that Maria Shriver could have done better than Arnold anyway.  What was the attraction?.. His keen intellect?  oh please -- certainly not with those political opinions of his!  His money?  oh please again -- she's a Kennedy.   His muscles?  I bet it didn't take long to get tired of seeing him check out his physique in the mirror.  The prestige of being Mrs. Arnold Schwarzenegger?  Yeah, right.

The strangest part of the recent Arnold-and-Maria scandal is that he fathered that kid ten years ago, three or so years before he ran for governor of California -- so he knew that this info could come up during his campaign and governorship.  It reminds me of the John Edwards scandal.  Edwards fathered a kid with that nutcase woman in North Carolina while he was running for President.  Do guys like this live in a total fantasyland where news like this doesn't somehow leak out?  Or don't they know about

I saw Arnold once, when he was filming a movie (Jingle All The Way  - don't rent it) in downtown St. Paul.  What struck me about him was that he was way shorter than I expected him to be.  I guess his towering image on screen was greatly enhanced.  Apparently his character is real life was too.


Lee said...

You didn't capitalize New Jersey, but you capitalized Bruges. What's up with that! No more Style Guide?

Howard said...

i tend to not capitalize my blog titles except for rare exceptions... Bruges slipped by me, I guess. Bruges is ok, but generally I'd rather be in NJ -- so no slight was intended.. :-)