Wednesday, May 18, 2011

never mind, he's in Bruges

Did you ever see that '60s movie, If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium?  I'm not particularly recommending it -- it's really lame -- but I thought of that yesterday, Tuesday. As I was writing about Jon being in Amsterdam, he was already on a train to Bruges, Belgium, where he and Chris will spend a couple days and take day-trips from there before heading to Paris later in the week.

How about the movie, In Bruges -- have you seen that one?  It was a small indie movie from a couple years ago -- kinda weird, but I liked it.  Jerry and Tom hated it (Too weird and occasionally violent for their tastes).  Bruges is a beautiful city, very "old world" but also not too exciting for very long.

Another Bruges footnote:  If you scroll down the left side of my blog and see the picture of Jerry, it's one I took of him as he was writing postcards -- in Bruges, when we were there several years ago.

By the way, Jon tells me that they liked Amsterdam.  Who wouldn't?

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