Friday, May 20, 2011

before the earthquakes take down the internet

This has been a week of Rapture-and-Apocalypse jokes.  There is a radio ministry that has nailed down the date of the Rapture -- tomorrow, May 21, 2011.  The followers of the leader of this church/organization/whatever have quite their jobs and liquidated their assets to spread the word (I saw several billboards when I was in New Jersey last week).  The "believers" will be taken into heaven tomorrow, while the rest of us will be subject to an earth self-destructing -- terrible earthquakes and such -- so I'm thinking I should get another blog post in before we all vaporize.  :-)

By the way, the word "rapture", a favorite of the evangelicals, is never once mentioned in the Bible.

Assuming that the world doesn't blow up tomorrow, my family will be listening intently for word of my brother Ronnie, who has taken a turn for the worse this week and is currently on a ventilator.  We are all trying to keep each other updated with phone calls, text messages, and Facebook postings and are still trying to cling to hope.  And also assuming that the world makes it until Sunday, that is the day when the whole hospital where Ronnie is will be moving to new facilities.  Moving all those intensive-care patients is a job I wouldn't want.

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