Sunday, May 29, 2011

email from france

My son Jon's European trip is coming to an end.  He flies from Paris' Charles DeGaulle Airport, arriving back in the Twin Cities tomorrow.  It will be so good to see him, yet I'll miss his funny travel emails -- like this latest one:
Oops, I kind of disappeared for a few days, didn't I? We've been busy. We're in the Loire Valley now, as you already know, since I see it was mentioned on your blog. We're staying in this little town called Loches and it's pretty cool. The place we're staying at is really weird because it's kind of inside the castle walls of the old medieval part of the town. Driving to it is challenging, but it's cool otherwise. It's so quiet here! I liked Paris, but one thing it wasn't was quiet! Anyway, we're visiting a bunch of castles/palaces (the main thing the Loire Valley is known for) and stuff. Tomorrow we're going to this place which has 440 rooms, 85 staircases, and 365 chimneys. Probably about 1000000 tourists too. I am getting sick of tourists, but I guess they're still better than Minnesotans... unless the tourists are Minnesotans. The only other people staying at the place we're staying are from Ottawa, so this morning at breakfast we all complained about the rainy weather back home, while our hostess was complaining about the lack of rain here. Apparently there's been a big drought here for months. That means we've been having nice, sunny weather ever since we got to France, although the Loire itself is looking a bit low! Hopefully it will wait until Monday afternoon and then start raining here.

 Tomorrow night we are dropping off the car at the airport and then staying in a hotel at the airport, because our flight leaves Monday morning. I can't wait to see this airport after all the good things I've heard about it! :-[  [Jon's sarcasm, of course -- We've only told him how awful that airport is.  :-) ]

Glad to hear Uncle Ronnie is currently on the upswing!
Also arriving back home tomorrow is my sister Joan after a weekend visit with our brother Ronnie in New Jersey.


ruthie said...

What kind of story do you have about the airport? I didn't pay much attention to the airport when I was there....I was too busy being detained by security because I have a butter knife wrapped in a box in my carry on (stupidly forgot about it) and got escorted all through it.

Anonymous said...

You must be getting pretty desperate for blog subject matter if you're resorting to using my emails!