Sunday, May 22, 2011

shameful choices that people make in the voting booth

Minnesota disappoints me sometime.  Every state disappoints me sometimes.  But I don't understand how the voters of this generally progressive state could have elected enough "tea party" right-wing candidates in 2010 to give the Republicans a majority in both the state house and senate.  Considering how these awful legislators are handling their majority, it might never happen again.  They are being irresponsible in their fiscal duties while at the same time going for broke on the divisive "social" issues, knowing it might be their only chance.

Last night, they voted to put a "marriage" amendment referendum on the 2012 ballot, to let voters decide whether gay people should have equal rights, knowing that the majority, when given the chance, will always vote against the minority.  The option to let voters decide whether a group of people should have rights is a major flaw in our democratic system.  This is not about the institution of marriage, which is mostly a joke these days anyway:  it's about people's need to be given permission to feel superior to somebody else.

So, in the next 18 months, we here in Minnesota will be subject to the hateful voices of the homophobic right-wing.  We understand that those people will vote against us.  What is more troubling is knowing how many people we consider our friends will also vote against us.


ruthie said...

It's a shame that this is going to be what gets some people out to vote and ultimately is what they want so that they have people voting against a Democratic president as well.

Howard said...

Ruthie -- That of course is why they do this. If they honestly ran on the real issues, they would never win another race anywhere.

ruthie said...

which is so it has to be so dirty...i don't normally get too into politics, but these people just anger the crap out of me.