Saturday, May 28, 2011

while they cook

I'm not sure where Norm is, but Jerry and Tomoko are in the kitchen prepping for the dinner meal.  Jerry is making one of his famous rhubarb pies, and I know that Copper River salmon is somewhere on the dinner menu.

Tomoko is a friend of Jerry's from when he lived in Seattle, back in the 1980s sometime.  Tomoko has been married to Norm for several years now, and the two of them enjoy visiting Minneapolis, so here they are. 

In 2005, I think it was, Jerry and I took a trip to Tokyo, and it happened that Tomoko was in Tokyo at the same time, visiting her mother, so we had her there as a tour-guide/interpreter for part of our trip.  She was especially helpful with the Tokyo subway system, which is counter-intuitive at a glance, the map of the routes looking like spaghetti. And it's surprising how few people in Japan speak English!

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