Friday, May 27, 2011

mid-spring sports update

Lebron James is still a jerk (see my March 31 post), and now the jerk is in the NBA finals.  Yep, basketball is still going on, and I bet you didn't even know that, did you?  The final two teams are the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat, and, even though I have no love for Dallas, I gotta be rooting against the Heat, Lebron's team.  And I kinda like the Mavs' point guard, Jason Kidd.

... and there, under everybody's radar (unless you live in Boston, Tampa or Vancouver), the hockey playoffs continue also.  We gotta go with Vancouver (if we watch any of the Stanley Cup games at all), or more specifically, against Boston (who knocked the Flyers out of the playoff) and against Tampa (one of those sunbelt cities that shouldn't even have a hockey team).  And with Vancouver in the finals, we get to hear "O Canada!"

You, of course, do know that baseball is going on.  It's spring, after all.  Here locally, Minnesota fans are upset that the Twins, who have won their division most of the past several years, are deep in last place and, in fact, possess the worst won-loss record in major league baseball.  The hometown hero, Joe Mauer, has been injured most of the season, and, well, nothing is going their way.  The new stadium still fills up, though.  My personal favorite team, the Philadelphia Phillies, is in first place in their division but maybe not as far in first place as they should be, considering that they have the most awesome pitching team in baseball.  The hitters are asleep, though.

That's it for now, sports fans.

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