Saturday, May 7, 2011

satisfying the angry mob

While I admit that I'm reading more newspapers and watching more cable news the past couple days ago than I normally do, which might be distorting my perceptions, I ask this:  Isn't that enough about Osama bin Laden?  Haven't we heard enough?  Does over-reporting this story do anything more than piss off the wrong people?

... and what about all those people who are demanding to see photos of the dead bin Laden, with his head half blown off?  It reminds me of the Blackhawk Down episode in Somalia back sometime in the '90s, when angry mobs in Mogadishu dragged the bodies of American soldiers through the streets, sort of like trophies.  It's barbarism.  Let's not be like them.

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ruthie said...

I couldn't agree more. I actually didn't like the celebration in the streets because it felt like we were doing exactly what they'd be doing and it felt somehow wrong. I keep waiting for retaliation, whenever it may come.