Thursday, May 12, 2011

finally losing it

I brought my cousin Beverly to the hospital to visit Ronnie today.  Ronnie isn't having a great day today and keeps apologizing that he isn't better company.  The two of them did have a brief discussion about last night's American Idol, a program that she introduced him to a few years ago and which he has somehow stuck with.  Me, I had to admit that I was an American Idol virgin until last night.  My sister Mary also watches, and it was on while she and I ate pizza and Entenmann donuts, and I found it to be a really stupid show, but what the heck do I know?  Somehow this is the most popular TV show in the country. Those judges are the absolute worst, in their attempts to out-gush each other over the four remaining contestants, all of whom are annoying in their own way.  The most annoying was Scotty, and I'd love to see him get voted off -- but hey, look at me -- I must have been paying closer attention that I wanted to.

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