Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hey, mister president

President Obama needs to meet with me sometime very soon...

... because he doesn't seem to have the right advisors on tax issues, and he needs some help because I'm not sure that he understands the tax system at all.  He needs to be told a couple things in order to properly fight the Tea Party congresspeople this week on the absurd debt-ceiling fight.

He needs to refute their basic hysteria:  First, the whole "raising taxes will kill jobs" argument.  It's a big lie, yet they won't stop saying it until he calls them on it.  And second, the "taxes have gotten too high" Grover-Nordquist mantra.  That sounds good to the people who want to pay zero taxes, but, in fact, taxes, especially for the well-to-do, have not been this low in decades.

Take their talking points away from them, Sir.

I hope he doesn't make another mistake like he did when he extended the obscene bush tax cuts for two years.  I hope he calls me today.


ruthie said...

man was I off when I read the title and the first thing I thought this was going to be about is a Pink song. Granted that is 'Dear Mr President' but many call it 'Hey'

Anonymous said...

I've expected you to mention Bret Farve and talk of going to the Eagles and Donovan McNabb to the Vikings. Although, something does need to happen soon for the budget stuff. My mom and Johnnie won't get their checks if it's not worked out soon. That means they can't afford their prescriptions and food. I hope Obama calls you too but how will he know to call you (unless he reads your blog). Plus, I'm sure secret agents read everything with the name Obama in the posts.