Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'today the minutes seem like hours'

'the hours go so slowly, and still the sky is light..."

Actually, the day is zooming by, I'm just quoting some West Side StoryTonight's the night.

On the way to the theater, my nephew James and I are stopping at a college open house, as he continues to explore his educational options.  As I look through the college catalogs, I find myself a little jealous.  Oh to be that age again -- I think!  When I was 18, college wasn't a choice, it was pretty mandatory if you didn't want to get drafted.  I sure could have used a year at that age to just work and sort of find myself before making college decisions. Instead, I wasted a couple of years in college, then dropped out and got drafted anyway, and somehow I mostly turned out okay, I think.  I was a naive and extremely young 18-year-old.  I need to remember that as James discovers new worlds.  It's all right to stumble a little.

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Lee said...

I wish I had had an uncle like you...