Saturday, July 30, 2011

uptown boys

It is a hot, muggy July Saturday, and the normal person would stay home in the air conditioning.. But it IS July, the last Saturday in July this year, and I just wanted to get out of the building.  So I talked Jerry and James (who hates hot weather) into spending part of today over in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis.  We are teaching James how the use the bus system, since he doesn't have a car, so we even braved the heat waiting for the bus. 

Uptown is cool -- or maybe hip is the word -- and it was fun dashing from air-conditioned store to air-conditioned store.  James bought a video game at GameStop, so even he had to admit that our little trip was worthwhile.  And then we hopped a bus back downtown.

The two of them are heading back to Uptown tonight for a midnight showing at the Uptown Theater of Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I'll be sleeping.  It would take a way better movie than that to keep me awake that time of night, even at the Uptown with people throwing rice at you.

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