Saturday, July 9, 2011

reprogramming our way out of cbs news

If you're one of those people who memorize my blog posts, you'll remember the June 14th post entitled "How Scott Pelley is doing so far".  We weren't happy with the CBS replacement for Katie Couric, but we gave him a chance for a month and are finally deleting our daily DVR taping of the CBS Evening News and are switching over to Brian Williams on NBC.  Scott Pelley's selections of news stories to cover are just too weird and annoying.  We find ourselves talking back to the News and asking "How is this important, out of everything that must have happened in the world today?".  All of which is sad, because I've always preferred the CBS Evening News to ABC and NBC, going back before Katie to Dan Rather, even Connie Chung, and then way back to the all-time favorite, Walter Cronkite.  I can 't imagine that Scott Pelley has picked up any new viewers, and he is undoubtedly losing Katie Couric viewers, and CBS News will stay at #3 in the ratings.... and probably the evening news will eventually become a relic of the past anyway.  OK, Brian Williams, the ball is in your court -- please don't make us try Diane Sawyer on ABC!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I switched to Brian Williams and didn't expect to like him, but he grows on you. That's my choice for evening news at this point in time.