Tuesday, July 19, 2011

while the chicken bakes

It's not too often that I'm the cook in the house.  For one thing, I haven't quite figured out this high-tech stove yet, even though we've had it more than a year.  But the chicken is in the oven, for better or for worse.

But the men are on their home from work, and they need to be fed before we head off to a music concert.  When I say "the men", I'm talking about Jerry and James.  James, along with Ruthie, worked all day doing some short-term office work for Jerry.  The last time James spent a day working for Jerry, it didn't go awfully well.  James said that the work was "stressful" and "annoying".  James, you remember, just graduated from high school, so maybe he had higher expectations for what "work" might be than some people would.  I'm anxious to hear how it went today.  Fortunately, Ruthie, who besides being my niece is also James' aunt, is a no-nonsense taskmaster, so I'm betting that it went better today.  Otherwise, if you hear of any jobs for James that are never "stressful" or "annoying", please let us know.


ruthie said...

not sure of his perception on today and whether it was stressful or annoying (probably will say it was), but we worked 8 solid hours with just a 1/2 hr lunch and 1 bathroom break. I'd say that was pretty successful!

Anonymous said...

My jobs not stressful but it has been very hard physically on my elbows lately. Too many large volume syringes (200-400 per day)!

Jon said...

I hope no one told him working was going to be fun, or he's going to be VERY disappointed!

Anonymous said...

Ah this one made me laugh. I can't say being a product safety lawyer is stress free and it certainly can be annoying - but here is what it never is: boring. Never boring! Seems like a good characteristic for a job. Maybe he needs to refocus his search?