Monday, July 18, 2011

you don't read my blog?

Our favorite current TV show is The Big Bang Theory, and this is the opening theme song. It's a very cool and unusual sit-com about some lovable super-intelligent social geeks (I think this would be an extremely difficult program to write for, by the way, unlike most TV shows). One of the best characters on the show is Amy Farrah Fowler, one of the multiple-PhDs, and in last week's episode she was having a chat with Penny, the only regular to not have a mega-IQ, and said something about Penny being her best friend. "I'm your best friend?" Penny asks, shocked to hear that since the two of them have so little in common. "You didn't know that?" Amy asks. "You don't read my blog??"

"You don't read my blog?" I wonder how many times in a week I utter those words!

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