Tuesday, July 5, 2011

post-holiday news

I asked the bank teller how her weekend was, and she said, "Short!  And the weeks are so long!"  A woman obviously in love with her job!

... but it is hard to get back in the groove... The Fourth of July is done, and we start the unwitting, unsuspecting slide down the rest of a fast-moving summer.

... but let's look away for a minute from the fireworks and the Independence Day cookouts at a reminder of the current news --

Today, a young woman named Casey Anthony, accused of murdering her daughter, was found not guilty.  I don't follow murder trials, but this is one of those that captured the attention of many people because of its bizarre nature.  I think that most people thought she was guilty -- or did they just dislike her?  Anyway, you'll hear more about this ("Injustice!", "A screwed-up court system!", etc.).

The State of Minnesota shutdown is in its fifth day.  Many people are being hurt by this.  And the Republican legislators are beholden to people who are not hurting at all and want more.

In Washington, there is a bigger financial crisis looming -- whether Congress will vote to raise the debt ceiling.  If they don't, the financial ramifications will be awful worldwide.  The Tea Partiers in Congress are out to destroy as many government programs as possible and maybe the government itself.  My question is, at what point does this become treason?

... maybe it will be a long week.

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