Friday, July 22, 2011

i say fantastic, you say fantastick

We went to see the Theater in the Round's current production of The Fantasticks last night.  Neither Jerry, James nor I had ever seen this musical before and didn't know a whole about it except that off-Broadway this show had played from 1960 to 2002, 42 years.  It was an okay way to spend an evening, but I personally can't imagine how a show this thin had such a long run. 

The problem with seeing a play on a Thursday night is that it seems like Friday night, and there was one more day of work in the week that I really wasn't in the mood for.  Now it's finally over and I'm heading home.  Then we are off to our friends' Jim and Julia's house for dinner.  Having somebody else cook dinner for us is, well, fantastick!  (... and where did the "k" come from??)

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Anonymous said...

Well, now I guess you know why it never made it to Broadway!