Thursday, August 25, 2011

baseball when hope is gone

We were given tickets for today's Twins/Baltimore Orioles game, and we hadn't been to any games yet this year even though this was the 66th home game of this season, so why not? 

It was a day game, and there is something sort of appealing about a weekday noon game, but let me tell the potential downside:  sitting in the hot sun watching a home team that is 16 games out of first place.

But Target Field is fun and the food is good for stadium food (though way overpriced, of course), so there seemed to be as many people walking the concourses as there were people sitting in their seats.  The seats in the shade were packed, while empty seats in the sun were plentiful.  The game itself seemed to be getting just casual attention, especially since the Twins were losing again.  What a difference it is seeing a game while your team is in first place or at least a contender, as the Twins were last year and usually are.  Now, as we near the end, season-ticket holders are giving away their tickets.

Today it was Joan and James and I.  Jerry and I have been given tickets to tomorrow night's game too, a game that at least won't be add to my sunburn.

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