Thursday, August 18, 2011

gin-and-tonics and the lake

I really didn't have time and I really didn't want to drive all the way out into the western suburbs, but one of my clients, who is a young 90 years old, wanted me to come out for "Happy Hour".  She and I usually get together for cocktails once or twice a year, and she is a remarkable and fun woman, so I could hardly say no.

And how glad I was that I went.  It was a picture-perfect evening, nice temperatures and breeze as we sat at an outdoor patio of a restaurant that looks out at Lake Minnetonka.  She has traveled extensively in her life, always has good stories to tell and always values my opinion on what is going on in the world...

... and afterwards, now that it's dark outside, I came back to my office to finish the work that I didn't want to leave earlier (I bet you thought I was blogging and not working).  If I remember any part of the day it won't be this work, though, it will be the beautiful summer evening on the lake with a friend.

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