Tuesday, August 30, 2011

please pass the molasses

I did something this past Sunday that I have possibly never done before:  I baked cookies -- from scratch, even -- molasses cookies, sort of a cake type cookie the way I made them, attempting to replicate something like the molasses cookies they used to sell at Cowtown flea market years ago.  I think I came relatively close, but, wow, what a lot of work.

Then last night Jerry was baking.  A banana cake with some sort of bourbon frosting.  Turned out very good.

And later we were thinking, what got us to baking?  It's something we just don't do.  Jerry's theory is that we both must have thinking that it's starting to feel like fall, and baking is a fall thing to do.

My theory:  No, it doesn't feel like fall yet.  It's because our television has been on the fritz since last Friday, and we were bored.  I just got the word that the TV repair guy has been there to our place this afternoon, and the TV is working again.  Which means no more baking, I bet.


Anonymous said...

My favorite time to bake is when it's snowing outside and I have don't have to go out. I always kept yeast packets handy for that time of year. Butterfly cinnamon buns were my favorite.

revdoc1 said...

ah........ but it does feel like Fall here in the north woods. And I also baked over the weekend WHILE the TV was on :)) love and hugggssss