Saturday, August 20, 2011

beware of yankees fans

My sister Joan texted me at noonish today that she was in Minneapolis having coffee at her favorite coffeeshop (Barnes & Noble, Nicollet & 8th), so I texted back that I'd walk over and meet her there.  "Beware of Yankees fans!" she texted next.

And she was right to warn me.  As we sat there having our coffee and blueberry scones, there were plenty of people walking past us on Nicollet wearing that hated Yankees garb.  We tried to figure out whether some of these fans were from New York or whether they were disloyal locals (On the other hand, I was sitting there wearing a Phillies t-shirt, so who am I to talk?).

The Minnesota Twins have not been up to par this season, and, for that reason and others, we haven't been to any games this summer even though the stadium is just a few blocks away from us.  But now I've been given four tickets to this Thursday's day game against the Baltimore Orioles, and our friend Diane just called a few minutes ago to invite us to Friday night's game against the Detroit Tigers.  When it rains, it pours, I guess -- although, oops, the word "rain" shouldn't be mentioned when talking about outdoor baseball.

Meanwhile, the Twins are playing the Yankees again as we speak, after having lost to them the past two nights.  The weather is perfect baseball weather, though.  We're hoping that the blue skies somehow last all week. Baseball isn't just about baseball, you know.  It's about the experience.
A later note:   The Twins ended up winning tonight's game against the Yankees, 9-4.

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ruthie said...

at least they are winning by a nice margin right now. although could be even more if they tagged up on the last play. I need to get Ryan to a game one of these days since he actually is a fan. I'm just a Phillies fan who hopes the home team does well and don't get heartbroken if they don't.