Monday, August 8, 2011

slot machines and other games

It's Monday, which is usually the day I post a video, and I sort of wanted to find a cute little video about Atlantic City, since that is where we spent part of the day, but I came up empty and am video-less. 

Atlantic City is about thirty miles from my hometown in southern New Jersey, and I spend part of most visits home down there at the shore for a short time at least.  The casinos in Atlantic City are doing poorly, or at least poorly compared to how they used to be in the '80s and '90s, when they had no competition in Pennsylvania or Connecticut or any other nearby states, so we felt good that we made our usual "contribution" to the local casino industry.  We took my sister Joan and my nephew Michael and niece Ling, and none of us did well, but we never expect to do well, so what did we really lose.  Meanwhile, the stock market lost more than 600 points today, so we didn't lose nearly as much as some people did. We ate subs at White House Subs on Arctic Avenue in AC, which may have the best subs in the world, so we can't complain too much -- plus the Atlantic Ocean was still out there somewhere.

Tonight, a different kind of gaming as the family reunion continues -- table games and card games and some general fun and no gambling. 

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