Tuesday, August 23, 2011

what's shakin'?...

... The East Coast, that's what!  It's one of those earthquakes that's unusual in that part of the country.  It happened this afternoon, was widespread over a number of states, apparently didn't cause major damage, so it's mostly good for some stories -- "Where were you when the earthquake hit?"  My sister Mary, in southern New Jersey, was in a movie theater (seeing The Help again) and posted later on Facebook that it felt like somebody was kicking the back of her chair.  Who'd-a thought it was an earthquake?

... and how lucky were we that we had that family reunion in Jersey two weeks ago and not a little later?  A few days after we left, there were massive rains and floods -- dams breaking, all that -- and now this week an earthquake!  And next week?  -- Hurricane Irene is heading in their direction!
Sad news today, which won't mean much to most of you, but here it is anyway -- Nick Ashford of the Ashford & Simpson songwriting/singing duo died yesterday, age 70.  I am and was a big fan of '60's Motown music, and Ashford & [his wife Valerie] Simpson wrote a lot of those big Motown hits.  Some years later, they began performing also, not just writing, and had a couple of hits in the mid 80s.  Here is one of them:

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