Thursday, August 11, 2011

herding the cats

The disadvantage of group vacations, or in this case, an extended family reunion:  Trying to figure out what to plan:  "what do you want to do?" and then coordinating the responses to try to keep everybody happy, or at least the majority happy. 

That's how it was last night on the Ocean City boardwalk.  And tomorrow we are going back to the boardwalk.  Wish us luck, that we somehow are speaking to each other when it's all done!

A beautiful day here in NJ today, perfect temperatures.  Jerry and I drove down along the cape at the southern end of New Jersey, along the Delaware Bay and along the South Jersey shore.  Tonight it's back with the family where some of us are watching the Eagles pre-season game on TV and talking about playing some Yahtzee, which I'm sure I had not paid in 25 years at least.  Let's keep it simple!

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