Thursday, September 20, 2012

a new york state of mind

Maybe I need to re-think that title for this post.  People Googling for the Billy Joel song might be directed here, distorting my blog statistics once more, like "spacy or spacey" or "good mood food" did... Oh well, I'll take my chances because it just feels right.

See, it's just that I was talking to Mary W. on the phone yesterday and she was once again telling me that Jerry and I should go to New York to see Book of Mormon, and then today a friend of mine, Cassandra, a non-reader of this blog and thus knowing nothing about the Mormon thing, called to tell me that we were free to use her "vacation condo" in New York City anytime we wanted.  Excellent timing, Cassandra..... It feels like good karma.  What's the best way to check on Broadway tickets?  I'm a man on a mission.

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