Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the hard life of a scab

If you didn't watch last night's Monday Night Football game; if you have not looked at any internet sites, facebook, or tweets today; or if you have no water cooler at your office where people gather and chatter, then you will have no idea what I'm talking about.

It's a day that people who like professional football won't forget any time soon.  The regular referees, due to a dispute with the owners, have been locked out and replaced by low-level replacements who appear to be new to the game of football.  We are just in the third week of the season, and these scab refs (scab = union-busting) have been making atrocious mistakes (which is not to imply that the regular refs never make any screw-ups), but last night was the topper.  A blatant error by the scabs in last night's game gave the victory to the wrong team.

Today, there are hand-wringing and obscenity-laden tirades everywhere, and this might be what it takes to get the regular refs back.  Even political opposites  -- the President of the United States and the union-hating Governor of Wisconsin -- are calling for the return of the regular officials.  The scabs are cowering somewhere in shame.

The hubbub is way more entertaining than the game was.

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