Wednesday, September 19, 2012

i like the other guy a lot

Lately, I've been getting in some jabs at Romney, and now that his "47%" video is out, he is an even easier target of derision...

.... but rather than just focusing on what a dweeb Romney is, I realize that I need to say something more about the other guy.

Last night, we were watching President Obama on Letterman's show, and it occurred to me once again how lucky we are to have him in the White House.  He means well, and he really wants to be the President of the whole country, not just the people who voted for him.  He has struggled against enormous obstacles since becoming President:  a financial disaster inherited from bush/cheney; a politically-motivated (non-stop!) Congress that wouldn't give him what might be considered even minor victories; vile racist slams generated by right-wing entertainment-media.  He has done well against the odds, deserves a second term, and besides that he is darn likable.  He isn't quite as liberal as I would like him to be, but I know that pragmatism and compromise are sometimes necessary too.  My vote will definitely be for him and not just a vote against Romney and his fellow plutocrats.

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